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Plazma Burst 3 Unblocked

Plazma Burst 3 is a futuristic game that puts you in the shoes of a warrior whose planet was destroyed, and he must go back in time alongside his friend and look to correct the course of events leading to his planet’s destruction. Unfortunately, while you landed at the right time, the place was wrong, and you start off by trying to pick up the pieces of your broken spaceship and making your way back to your planet.

The story is fairly elaborate as far as Flash game stories go, featuring many chapters of text guiding you through the playing experience. Accompanied by somewhat eerie music, there isn’t much delay to the game, as you are instantly dropped in the middle of the action, playing a character dressed in tomorrow’s clothing and equipped with a basic plasma gun and a couple of grenades. The deaths of your enemies are fairly graphic and visually satisfying, and if this bothers you, you are offered the option to turn off blood and gore in the settings. The simplistic HUD located in the upper left corner tells you how many grenades you have, how much health you have left, shows you the currently equipped weapon and lets you toggle between weapons.

While you start off with only the plasma gun, you can soon earn money that allows you to purchase various upgrades for your character in something called the between-time shop. Upgrading your plasma gun and electroshock levels are some of the things the shop lets you do, as well as getting more serious firepower in the form of rocket launchers and plasma cannons once you have enough currency. Since the game has sixteen levels, you'll have plenty of time to level up your equipment. The controls are simple, with the ability to jump and move left and right as well as shoot with the left mouse click. Most of the game, aside from the audio, was created by programmer Eric Gurt. Enjoy Plazma Burst 3 Unblocked At School